A show home is a showcase of what a property could look like, and in the right hands, it could be a masterpiece. You want home buyers to come in and imagine themselves living there, with all the trappings of daily life that show them what it could mean to live in such a well-designed space. For instance, the minimalistic look has been trendy for many years because it works! A space can look entirely livable and inviting, even with just a few key pieces here and there. When you highlight a room’s central purpose, it’s easy for someone to see what it feels like to reside in it. But in the same vein, some show home looks don’t work – even though we think they do! These design elements are better left out altogether. So what should you avoid if you want to achieve a classic show home look? Let’s find out. 

Word artwork

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We’re sure you’ve seen them – giant letters proclaiming that a kitchen is indeed a kitchen, or a bedroom is where you should ‘live, laugh, and love.’ Unfortunately, whilst these letter-hangings had their day in the sun; it’s all too true that their day is over. Even word artwork in the kids’ bedroom is no longer as cute as before – what more for a bedroom or a kitchen?

Granite all over the place

Whilst granite worktops and countertops were all the rage in the 1990s, today, they have taken on a more appealing aspect as accents rather than the whole thing. This is because accent pieces are a lot more effective and practical, and gone are the days when a darker shade of granite was preferred. Nowadays, if you are to work with granite at all, choose something with a lighter colour, and make sure it’s only an accent, as suggested by show home design experts from Blocc.co.uk

Animal accents are a no-no

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We don’t mind a zebra print or two, like on a pair of dispensers in a bathroom, but try to stay away from animal accents or patterns altogether, especially if you are going for that country-style, rustic farmhouse appeal. It has been there and done that, and we can’t be more relieved – and lion, cheetah, and bear prints included!

Televisions above mantels or fireplaces

It is another oft-repeated design principle that has, truth be told, bewildered designers for years. First of all, it’s exceedingly dangerous, as you never know when that good old television is going to fall off. Secondly, it’s a (literal) pain in the neck. Designers would suggest placing the telly on the right or left side of the mantel, if you must put it above the mantel. Otherwise, hide it in a cupboard.

Plants are beautiful – but there’s a limit

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Whilst there’s no denying that plants will always be an excellent addition to any home, and they will undoubtedly add beauty to any space (plus, it’s a great way to fill an awkward corner or two), ferns are an exception to the rule. They require too much water and will only serve to make your space appear like a conservatory. There are a lot of other indoor varieties that would do a much better job at filling in your indoor space. 

Now that you know what to avoid, it’s time to decorate – so good luck and happy designing!

Image attributed to Pixabay.com