Henry A. Coffeen was one of the most talked-about figures of his time. Born in 1844, he spent his early years in the western United States, where he built a reputation as a skilled hunter, horseman, and outdoorsman. Over the course of his life, Coffeen would come to embody the very essence of the Old West, with all its grit, determination, and unwavering spirit.

But Coffeen’s legend would not be complete without a closer look at some of the less savory aspects of his life. As we dive into the story of his legacy, we will learn about his time as an outlaw, his daring prison escape, and his later years as a respected citizen and pioneer in the Wyoming region.

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Section 1: The Early Days of Henry A. Coffeen

Henry Coffeen was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1844, he was a natural adventurer from the start. At the age of 18, he headed west to explore the vast, untamed wilderness that lay beyond the Mississippi River. Over the next several years, he would learn the ways of the land and become something of a local legend. During this time, he honed his skills as a sharpshooter and horseman, making him invaluable on the frontier.

Section 2: Outlaw Days

Although Coffeen was generally considered a respected member of his community, he had a few brushes with the law. In 1875, he was arrested and charged with the theft of six horses. Rather than wait for the verdict, Coffeen decided to make a run for it, with his stunning escape from jail quickly making headlines across the territory. Coffeen managed to evade the law for months before finally turning himself in and serving his sentence in full.

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Section 3: Coffeen’s Notorious Prison Escape

Perhaps the most famous aspect of Coffeen’s outlaw career was his daring prison escape. According to legend, Coffeen escaped from the Territorial Penitentiary in Laramie, Wyoming, by disguising himself as a woman. Dressed in a skirt and wig, he simply walked out the front door and hopped on a waiting horse. The story has been retold countless times over the years, cementing Coffeen’s place in Western folklore.

Section 4: The Later Years of a Pioneer

In the decades that followed his wild days as an outlaw, Coffeen settled down and became a respected citizen in the Sheridan, Wyoming community. There, he worked as a rancher, merchant, and even served as a state legislator. Despite his colorful past, Coffeen had earned the trust and respect of his fellow citizens, proving that even those with a checkered past can turn their lives around.

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Section 5: Coffeen’s Legacy in Sheridan, Wyoming

Today, Henry A. Coffeen is remembered as one of the most colorful and intriguing figures in the history of Sheridan, Wyoming. The town has named a park after him, and his name appears on several buildings and businesses throughout the area. Coffeen’s life story serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of the Old West, with all its risk-taking, adventure, and mystery.

Section 6: FAQ

Q: Was Henry A. Coffeen really an outlaw?
A: Yes, Coffeen had some run-ins with the law, including a theft conviction and an infamous escape from prison.

Q: Did Coffeen ever reform his ways?
A: Yes, Coffeen eventually settled down and became a respected member of the Sheridan, Wyoming community.

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Q: How did Coffeen become such a skilled hunter and horseman?
A: Coffeen was a natural adventurer who spent much of his youth exploring the western wilderness.

Q: What was Coffeen’s contribution to Wyoming’s early government?
A: Coffeen served as a state legislator in the early days of Wyoming’s government.

Q: What is Coffeen’s legacy in Sheridan, Wyoming?
A: Today, the town has named a park after him, and his name appears on several buildings and businesses throughout the area.

Q: What was Coffeen’s most famous exploit?
A: Coffeen’s daring escape from prison, during which he dressed as a woman to fool the guards, remains his most famous exploit.

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Q: Why did Coffeen decide to turn himself in after his escape?
A: No one knows for sure, but some speculate that he was tired of living as a fugitive and wanted to put his past behind him.

Section 7: Conclusion

In the end, Henry A. Coffeen was a complex and fascinating character, who embodied the very spirit of the Old West. Through his adventures as an outlaw, pioneer, and legend, he left behind a legacy that continues to captivate and inspire the people of Sheridan, Wyoming, and beyond. Coffeen’s story is a reminder that even the most unlikely of figures can rise above their circumstances to become heroes in their own right.

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