The first thing a person is presented with when they enter the channel is a YouTube header or YouTube background template. According to this, the user determines the style of the site as well as its quality as well as the character of the creator. How to make a hat that is suitable for YouTube stunning and bring in subscribers will be explained in detail. If you’re looking for a high-quality and effective logo, you can use this Turbologo online designer.

What is a banner?

Banner is the main header of the page. It is located in the upper right hand corner. The dimensions of the YouTube banner should be at least 2560 x 1440 pixels, but it may not be visible in all its entirety. For both mobile and desktop devices the 1546 x 423 pixels “safe area” will be visible. When it is viewed on a TV screen viewers will be able to view the entire banner. YouTube accepts its users with the PNG format, however in the event that you’re having difficulty uploading your file, try switching the file’s format back to JPEG.

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YouTube banners are vital for a channel’s success. If you don’t have an advertising banner, it gives an perception that your site isn’t all that important. Even the simplest banner can let viewers know that you are serious about your channel.

The best banners should convey the experience viewers experience when they watch your channel. A comedy channel’s banner is most effective with bright colors While the gaming channel banner works ideal in dark colors that are similar to the ones that are used in the majority of games.

How do you create an effective banner for YouTube channel? YouTube channel?

Before you create an advertisement to promote your channel on YouTube, it is important be aware that this is one of the most crucial actions that allows you to create your own personal style. The banner can allow a professional makeup artist, for instance to stand out in the crowd of amateurs.

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Additionally it is possible to make the banner customized by adding your company’s logo or image.

What else could be put on the banner?

The banner is primarily playing the function of an information provider. Thus, it must bear its name and the title of the channel and also a short description of the subject (text or images). However, this isn’t all that is required onto the covers.

Here are some suggestions for how to improve your banner for your channel:

  • Current promotions and scheduled events. This way, you can inform your subscribers of important occasions. But the cover needs to be replaced frequently.
  • Video posting schedule. Develop a general schedule for posting content, and then show it to the world by putting your content in the heading of your website;
  • Significant events for the channels. It is possible to inform viewers about awards, mentions of your company by the press, as well as other important moments to your blog.
  • Links to social media and your the company websites (if there is one). This will attract customers to your other communications channels. This way, they will be aware of new videos.
  • Subscribe to the channel. A lot of viewers view videos of bloggers, but don’t sign up. It is important to remind them to sign up.
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When creating the cover, it is important to consider the overall look of the image. The design should be in line with the style and corporate look of the channel. Select the fonts as well as colors that are utilized for the design of thumbnails for videos and profile avatars. This way, you can keep a consistent style for your channel and improve the recognition of your channel.

Banner Creation Tools

There are two methods to design a banner. The first, which requires using Adobe Photoshop’s tools for drawing, Adobe Illustrator, is more complicated. The second option involves using online tools that permit you to produce professional results in just a few minutes. Let’s examine the second approach in greater depth.

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Video editor that can design stunning videos and banners.

Process video convert it into multimedia, and make screen recordings.

Movavi’s interface is straightforward. The functions are easily located and it is not necessary to switch between tabs and windows simultaneously. This makes it easier for editors.

The video editor comes with an extensive collection of tools. This allows you to to create diverse videos. Making changes automatically. There are videos to help you learn about using the software.


It’s a free program that is gaining popularity because of its innovative features. With the help of this program, it’s simple to design an appealing YouTube banner even if you do not have experience in design.

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Fotor comes with advanced and expert features. It also has as well as a variety of tools and filters that enhance the image. It supports the most well-known formats for files, such as the capability to process the RAW format.

The software offers hundreds of pre-made templates. Some require purchase, however there are also no-cost templates. Tools built into the software allow you to include additional elements in the template, and also alter the template. If you are using an account with a basic plan and want to save the image you created with dimensions of 2560×1440 pixels free of charge, but you’ll have to manage banner advertisements.

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Canva is an excellent tool for designing content. One of the greatest advantages of the application is the fact that it has millions of images from stock.

Canva has a large variety of design templates and lots of stunning filters colors and fonts. However there are a few templates that are not accessible. Some are listed by a free mark, but others bear an dollar symbol. For a quick banner you should modify the contents of the final layout to suit your needs and also adding additional elements (shapes and symbols, as well as text).

Canva’s free edition of Canva provides a variety of options for creating YouTube banners. While the paid version allows you to upload your branding elementsand allows you to access additional illustrations and icon. You can download the final output as a JPG or PNG formats at no cost.

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Bannersnack is a fantastic website with sizes for images that are suitable for the most popular social networks. It lets you create stunning banners, not just for YouTube however, it also works to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

The program is able to work with templates built into the program, and can be customized with texts, images, shapes animations, and even create layers. For those who are creative it is possible to make your own banner.

Bannersnunk gives access to many websites that offer thousands of free images (Pixabay, Unsplash). Provides a wide variety of icons for buttons as well as cliparts, and buttons. It allows you to download the final result at no cost as JPG, PNG, MP4, HTML5, GIF formats. Before downloading the final product you must save it using its built-in file management system.

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That’s all! We hope that these tips can help you design an attractive banner that will bring in a significant number of readers. We wish you the best of luck!

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