Many people are not sure how to sign a PDF but it is quite simple and easy to do. People usually write their signatures but it is often important to save time, which means that it is not always possible to produce a paper copy of a document and get it signed by the relevant party. E-signatures have risen in place of written signatures to offer an alternative to the bother and hassle of having to write in signatures. They are easy to set up and can be saved so you can use them again and again.


H2 – What Is a Digital Signature?

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A digital signature is like a regular signature only it is digital and not hand-written onto a physical piece of paper. A digital signature is different from an electronic signature, though. A digital signature is a way for two parties to verify and confirm a document. The signer adds their unique key to a digital document, which another party can unlock with the password provided to them.


An electronic signature is something that you can add to a document with edit PDF services, like Lumin PDF, which offers the option to upload an image of your written signature to use as your digital one. You can also opt to draw a new signature with your finger like a stylus to create your new digital signature. Since digital signatures are like a regular signatures, they also perform the same functions, which is to say that they either signify someones:

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  • Authorization
  • Authentication
  • Confirmation


H2 – Why Use a Digital Signature?


A digital signature is valuable for the fact that it makes authorizing and confirming important directives from anywhere, easier. A digital signature can be added to any document at any time so it eliminates the need for documents to be printed, signed, and then scanned again to create a usable PDF file.


You can convert any file type into a PDF, which then makes it easier to add a digital signature since it is a much sought-after function of the PDF format. Once you have your PDF you can send it to anyone, anywhere in the world for them to add their signature, without using a single sheet of paper.

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H2 – Are They Secure?


Digital signatures are very secure. They differ from electronic signatures or e-signatures, which are only electronic copies of real signatures, but digital signatures are more advanced and high-tech. Digital signatures employ highly encrypted algorithms to secure PDF files and other documents.


These algorithms make any digital signature:


  • Safe from being copied
  • Safe from being misused
  • Safe from forgery or duplication


H2 – How to Check a Digital Signature


When you are sent an encrypted document and need to unlock it, you must use the secure key to unlock the document. But you can also check the signature to make sure that it is indeed the one sent to you by the signer. The way you can check the signature is by using a third-party PDF app like merge pdf that lets you check the signature digitally.

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