Gambling in a Brick and Mortar casino is one of the most significant concepts applied while making movies, particularly movies made in the 90s and before that. So, if you are an avid player and love online casino platforms and want to watch inspirational gambling movies, here are some great movies about gambling you should check out. 


Gambling is often displayed in movies as a male sport or pastime; well, prepare to be shocked by Aaron Sorkin’s Molly’s Game. This movie shows how women can be skillful and adept at navigating the twisted world of underground gambling. Jessica Chastain plays Molly Bloom, where she uses her skill and charm to move from being an Olympic-level skier to being an assistant at an underground poker casino to owning her own underground poker game. She achieved all this while tangling with Russian mobsters, celebrities, and gambling professionals. Like most great gambling movies, the poker scene is an arena where the stakes are high; in this movie, Molly tries to balance her gambling life, keeping players’ identities from her poker table, keeping her money, and not getting caught by the FBI. With A-list actors like Idris Elba, Molly’s Game shows how leaving two different lives can become tedious when connected to a poker game.


When describing the features of the movie Ocean’s Eleven, you can describe it as one of the greatest gambling movies, one of the best heist movies, the best Las Vegas movie, and the best George Clooney movie. It is easy to admit that this movie is excellent as it features an exquisite perspective on gambling and a bank heist. The movie continues to follow the criminal career of internationally recognized thief Danny Ocean (George Clooney); in this part, Danny rounds up ten heist specialists to steal the sum of $150,000,000 from three of the best casinos in Las Vegas; the Bellagio, the Mirage, and the MGM Grand. The writers show that gambling is more than just poker, Blackjack, or rolling dice in this movie. We see Danny gamble his freedom to win back his ex-wife Tess Ocean (Julia Roberts); Terry Benedict gambles with the life of Tess to get back the money stolen from his casinos. The Ocean’s team risks their lives for their heist cash. Whether you love gambling or not, you can enjoy this movie, as it features great famous actors, fantastic acting, comedy, and sweet action scenes. 


In this movie, “Even Money, ” three strangers’ lives complexly intersect because of their gambling addictions. It features actress Kim Basinger, actors Danny Devito and Forest Whitaker, who play the main characters, and other great co-stars like Tim Roth, Ray Liotta, Kelsey Grammar, and Jay Mohr. Everything you would expect in a great gambling movie is displayed in Even money, such as mob bosses, rigged college basketball games, gambling addicts struggling to hold on to their connection to their family, and other great actions. It is definitely a great watch, even though it is largely underrated.


The movie focuses on Jack, an aspiring writer who gets a croupier job to pay his bills. Although Jack Manfred is a talented writer, he got so tired of writing novels that he decided to take a break from writing to work as a croupier at a local casino. He began to observe the brick and mortar casino clientele with aloofness, and being unable to control himself, he soon succumbs to the temptation of becoming a participant in the act. 

Jack soon goes down the rabbit hole and acknowledges that gambling is more than he bargained for, and it becomes the entirety of his life. He becomes entangled in lies, deceit, and a plan to rob the casino. The storyline of this movie shows the emotional tussle that gamblers feel behind the glamour they depict. Croupier is definitely an excellent gambling movie you should watch.


This movie takes watchers on an emotional roller-coaster with actors like Adam Sandler and NBA champion Kevin Garnett. The movie shows in an uncompromising way how gambling can genuinely become a disease capable of destroying a gambler’s life and the lives of nearly anyone around them. So, even if the most gambling you have ever done is to play the lottery, Uncut Gems by directors Joshua Safdie and Benjamin Safdie is here to teach you about the adverse effect of gambling. The movie mirrors a degenerate gambler’s emotional instability in a straightforward manner that you could feel a bit paranoid while watching. The epic last phrase in the movie is by the main character Howard: “This is how I win,” but the irony is that gambling was actually how he loses everything.